Baked and Fried Food
Breads from cakes, and pastries through muffins. Also vegitables and other baked foods. If it is prepared in and oven or fried in a frying pan, it is shown here.
Bread Cake Cones Crackers Muffins Pastry Quiche Roasted Garlic
Bread, As Baked Food

Cake, As A Baked Food To Eat

Cake is a form of sweet dessert that is typically baked. In its oldest forms, cakes were modifications of breads but now cover a wide range of preparations that can be simple or elaborate and share features with other desserts such as pastries, meringues, custards and pies.

Cones, As Baked Food

Crackers, As Baked Food

Roasted Garlic, As Baked Food

Allium sativum, commonly known as garlic, was baked

Muffins, and Biscuits

A type of bread baked in small portions.Recipes for muffins, in their yeast-free "American" form,were common in 19th century American cookbooks.Muffins made from cornmeal were also popular in the United States.

Pastry, As Baked Food

Quiche, As A Baked Food

A savory, open-faced pastry crust with a filling of savory custard with cheese, meat, seafood, or vegetables.

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