Round objects of assorted uses including decoration
Antenna Ball Cannon Ball Gold Ball GumBall Juggling Balls Lamp Ball Metal Ball Mirror Ball Navagation Ball Ornament Ball Sports Balls Stone Ball Wildlife Safari Ball Zoo Ball
Antenna Ball

Balls that help one to find one's car

Cannon Ball

Ball used to fire from a cannon

Gold Ball

Balls made of gold or colored like gold

GumBall, As A Spherical Shape

Round balls of chewable flavored gum, often sold from vending machines appropriately called, "gumball machines."

Juggling Balls, As A Type Of Sphere

Juggling balls, or simply balls, are a popular prop used by jugglers, either on their own--usually in sets of three or more--or in combination with other props such as clubs or rings. A juggling ball refers to any juggling object that is roughly spherical in nature.[from wikipedia]

Lamp Ball

Lamp or light in the shape of a ball

Metal Ball

Balls made of or formed from metal

Mirror Ball, As A Spherical Shape

Balls covered with mirrors rotate under lights. Often associated with disco dancing.

Navagation Ball

Balls used to guild watercraft to safety

Ornament Ball

Balls used as Xmas decorations(usually made of glass, metal, wood or ceramics) that are used to festoon a Christmas tree.The classic shape is the round ball.

Sports Balls, As Found Spherical Shapes

Balls used in and for sports

Stone Ball

Stone and concrete balls

Wildlife Safari Ball, As A Round Spherical Shape

A ball is a round object (usually spherical but sometimes ovoid) with various uses. [from wikipedia]

Zoo Ball, As A Round Spherical Shape

A ball is a round object (usually spherical but sometimes ovoid) with various uses. [from wikipedia]

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