Amanda Lynn An American Artist San Francisco, California
Amandalynn is a San Francisco based Muralist, Fine Artist, Conservator, and Art Director. Inspired by the female form and spirit, Amandalynn depicts strong, seductive women and illustrates their strength through line work and decorative patterning. [from amandalynn website]
Mission Bernal Mural 2016 Whaio Mural
Mission Bernal Mural 2016, Artist: Amanda Lynn, Bank of America Parking Lot, 3250 Mission Street, San Francisco, California

A mother and daughter were painted on the side of a building that faced the Bank of America parking lotat 3250 Mission Street, San Francisco, California.

Whaio Mural, Artist: Amanda Lynn, On a wall of Alioto's Garage, 1835 Folsom Street, San Francisco, California

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