Sunday 12 July 2020
Baypoint Regional Shoreline Blackberry, As A Food Fruit Berry, Bay Point Regional Shoreline, McAvoy Road, Bay Point, California

A blackberry plant grew wild alongside the path through Bay Point Regional Shoreline. A public park with a walking and biking trail next to Suisun Bay. A few of the berries were ripe and ready to be picked. They were sweet and delicious.
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Saturday 11 July 2020
Down Lines, As Found Power Things, Treasure Island, San Francisco, California

An old wooden power post was felled and lay on the dirt of Treasure Island in San Francisco. It almost appeared to be napping with a boulder as a pillow. Three wires emerged from the head and lay unmoving, and cut short.
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Friday 10 July 2020
Exit Sign, By Text On Signs, Valencia Street, San Francisco, California

A parking garage on Valencia Street in San Francisco posted a "Warning, Cars Exiting" sign. A buzzer would sound if a car was about to exit the garage. The sign served as a warning to beware that an exiting car might surprise you, so be cautious. An Exit to Street sign led the way down escalators or stairs to the parking lot level. The actual street was beyond the parking lot. The shot was overexposed due to a sticky iris, but the exposure worked for this shot.
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Thursday 9 July 2020
Jackson Playground, 17th and Arkansas Street, San Francisco, California

A batter was up at home base and waited for the pitch. The pitcher looked at the catcher to decide which pitch to throw. Another plaque honored baseball player, "Anthony M. Lazzeri" who "developed his baseball skills at Jackson Playground in the Potrero District." The park included one occupied baseball field. A game of softball was underway just as a change in sides began. A small set of bleachers were available for game supporters to sit. One team wore orange hats while the other team wore black. A large sign was attached to the cyclone fence separating the sidewalk from the field. That sign listed the park hours and the rules governing use of the park.
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Wednesday 8 July 2020
Agua Vista Park, 800 Terry A Francois Blvd., San Francisco, California

A trash can had been pulled from its enclosure. A great deal of trash was strewn over the ground creating an unsightly mess. Plastic cups and styrofoam containers were in danger of being blown into the bay. Agua Vista Park had a single concrete picnic table with benches. The table lay next to a walking and bicycling path. A tree had the potential to create late afternoon shade. A view looking south past Agua Vista Park at The Ramp restaurant. Just like the park, the restaurant shared a fine view of San Francisco Bay. A few California poppies grew in the park.
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Tuesday 7 July 2020
Bay Front Mariposa Park, 824 Terry A Francois Blvd., San Francisco, California

A wide, large, flat lawn created a place to spread a blanked and have a picnic. The occasional bench along the border faced the wide lawn. Along the back side of the park was a line of hoops for bicycle parking. A water fountain included a refill station for water bottles and a basin near its base for dogs to drink. Two tables, each surrounded by four chairs, were all anchored into concrete below the gravel surface. Each table created a place to play chess or checkers, or to eat lunch. One of the sports courts was this half basketball court. Picnic tables allowed players family and friends to watch half a game unfold.
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Monday 6 July 2020
Boots, As A Form Of Footwear Apparel, Lane County Fair, Lane Events Center, Eugene, Oregon

A collection of rain boots were found in the window of a shop in the Rockridge area of Oakland. Skulls and heart adorned them, and the hearts were labeled, "Mom" and "Dad." One of the women who arrived to march in Santarchy, laced up a high pair of walking boots with thick soles. One of the activities at the Turtle Beach Lodge was a Jungle Walk tour . Because the jungle was composed of wet lowlands with lots of deep mud, each guest was provided with a stout pair of rubber boots. Here, the boots were collected and washed after the tour. A pair of ordinary rain and slush boots were decorated with tinsel to give them a Christmas flair.
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Sunday 5 July 2020
Thomas Starr King Statue 1892, Artist: Daniel Chester French (1850 - 1931), John F. Kennedy Drive and Hagiware Tea Garden Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

The artist's signature was etched into the base of the sculpture. It read, "D.C. French Sculptor, New York 1892." On the front of the pedestal, that supported the statue of Thomas Starr King, was a sign: Thomas Starr King In Him Eloquence, Strength And Virtue Were Devoted With Fearless Courage to Truth Country And His Fellow-Men The back of the Thomas Starr King Statue, by artist Daniel Chester French, faced west toward the Pacific Ocean and beyond. The body of Thomas Starr King was wrapped in a leather coat. His face appeared proud in the afternoon San Francisco sunlight.
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Saturday 4 July 2020
Lake Plants, As Plants Associated With Lake Water, Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park, Lane County, Oregon

Flotsam formed from decayed plants covered a log in the lake near the shore. A bush grew on a mound at the edge of the lake at Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park. It almost looked like a creature poised at the lake's edge and awaiting the approach of a fish. Submerged grass continued to grow up through the surface of the lake. The grass gave the lake a rough and prickly look. Hundreds of small lily pads floated atop the lake near its leeward shore. Wind drove many lily pads together to form what felt like a relaxing carpet covering at that end of the lake.
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Friday 3 July 2020
"Will Return" Sign, By Text On Signs, Valencia Street, San Francisco, California

A sign in a window on Valencia Street in San Francisco read, "Will Return." It indicated the return time using a clock face. That clock read 1:05. A metal grate protected the glass, and that grate was reflected by the glass.
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Thursday 2 July 2020
Coast Guard Ships, As A form of Boat Transport, San Francisco, California

The Coast Guard appeared comfortably bored that day. The Coast Guard ship number 1131 was docked at a port north of the Ferry Building. It had an awning at its stern and appeared unoccupied. The Coast Guard ship number 623 was docked at a port in San Francisco, California. It was surrounded by a floating barrier that prevented oil from contaminating the bay.
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Wednesday 1 July 2020
Windows Ajar, As Home Structure Features, Grant Avenue, Chinatown, San Francisco, California

A three story building on Grant Avenue in Chinatown had one, top floor window almost totally open. Behind that ajar window clothing hung on hangers. The purpose was to use fresh air from the city of San Francisco to help dry the clothes. Fortunately the morning was warm.
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Tuesday 30 June 2020
Trash Furniture, As Found Litter, Across from BART entrance, Downtown Berkeley, California

A wooden futon frame was discarded on the street and leaned against a tree that separated parked cars. The mattress springs appeared to be intact and only partly bent. This would have been a great find for someone owning a futon, yet lacking a frame.
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Monday 29 June 2020
Small Park, On Treasure Island, San Francisco, California

A small park on Treasure Island was composed of a square slab of concrete. Three steel benches were arranged to face each other on that slab. A yellow trash can lined with a black plastic bag stood next to the small park. The small park had a nice view of breakwater boulders, San Francisco Bay, and San Francisco's skyline. It was so clear that morning that the Ferry Building could be seen facing the park. The view north from the small park included Angel Island in the distance. Closer was a gravel walking path that extended north. A man could be seen standing on the path in the distance and gazing west from below a bent palm tree.
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