Saturday 20 July 2019
The Hope For the World Cure Mural 1998, The "HIV/AIDS" Mural A Precita Eye Muralst's Project, 16th Street at Market Street, Next To: Breakfast Republic, San Francisco, California

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A the bottom of one part of the mural, a woman was painted kneeling down with her dog. They were surrounded by flowers and birds. A bit of writing was cut off at the right edge of this shot. The rightmost end of the mural showed a more celebratory scene with brighter colors and a more complex design. A closer view of the left end of the mural. A gay man marched while carrying a rainbow flag. Two females rode a motorcycle, as the classic dykes on bikes. More names of the dead were listed below gigantic tears dripping down the face of the mural. The names included, "Beth Moore Quay," and "Charles Sexton." View all


Friday 19 July 2019
Windows At Night, As Home Structure Features

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While waiting for a trolley on King Street in San Francisco, I notice that only two of several windows were lit at 10:00 at night. The street and building lights dipped into the orange and gave the entire scene an eerie feeling. View all


Thursday 18 July 2019
Construction Workers, As A Vocation For People

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Two construction workers held ropes to help guide a huge, heavy I-beam into a hole. This was part of the construction of San Francisco's Central Subway. View all


Wednesday 17 July 2019
Raised Gardens, As A Form Of Place

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A raised garden bed and path around it replaced a lawn in the front of the house. As you can see, the raised garden bed really improved the look of the front yard. View all


Tuesday 16 July 2019
Boarded Over, Windows As Home Features

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Two boarded up windows were found in an old brick building in downtown Sacramento, California. The window on the left contained a bit of art that read, "Doomsayers." The window on the right was two windows inside one frame. The left window in that frame was gone. The right window in that frame was a bit more present but still lacked glass. View all


Monday 15 July 2019
Orange As A Form Of Fruit

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Oranges were knocked from tree during a heavy rain. The tree was planted in the sidewalk, so the oranges were public and could be picked up and eaten by anyone. View all


Sunday 14 July 2019
Duch Bros. Coffee Mural 2015, Artist: Bayne Gardner, Behind Duch Bros. Coffee, E. 11th Street Just Past High Street, Eugene, Oregon

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To the right was a drawing that looked like a video game. Lots of strange looking objects floated in the air or hid behind bushes. The mural lay behind a double line of cars pulled into a driveway and waiting for coffee. The mural itself lay behind an actual hedge. The artist's signature lay to the right of a brick building with a dark and foreboding door. The signature read, "Bayne 2015 @baynegardner." Smoke rose from behind a carnivorous plant. A castle lay atop a hill. A cloud with two eyes watched everything. A creature with duck feet shot its tongue out and was about to eat a surprised flower. View all


Saturday 13 July 2019
Shut Door Signs, By Text On Signs, As Found Art

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The words, "Shut Door." were stenciled to a roll-up door. The meaning of the sign was ambiguous. Was it a command to those that used the door to always leave it shut? Or was it a notice to strangers that this was a working door that was currently shut? Or was this notice that this door was permanently shut and would never open? View all


Friday 12 July 2019
Downtown Automotive Repair Mural 2016, Artist: Bayne Gardner, 407 E. 11th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

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The artist's signature was spray painted on the upper left of the hidden wall. It read, "Bayne 2016." The second car in the mural was an abstract image of a generic car. This car might be a two-seater sports car. This car was also painted over a window, but unlike the Volkswagen, it was clean of graffiti. A Volkswagen Beetle was painted over a window. Although abstract, the Volkswagen Beetle was clearly drawn. A small white patch of graffiti despoiled the car. The mural looked like laundry blown in the wind, or like car parts blown in a hurricane. The red in the mural matched the red of the side of the building. View all


Thursday 11 July 2019
Tonantsin Renace Mural 1998, Artist: Colette Crutcher, An American Artist, 16th Street and Sanchez Street, San Francisco, California

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A closer view of the woman's face. Notice the snakes that were her hair. Also notice that her earrings were actual mosaics. A closer view of the woman's upper right arm. Fish swam up to her armpit. Tiny figures marched above and the arm itself was covered in a wide variety of designs. Storm clouds rolled into the upper right of the mural. Lightning struck and flowers flew in the storm. The woman's left forearm was covered in a wide variety of designs. Some resembled animals while others were more abstract. Tiny human-like figures marched up the top of the woman's left arm. The woman's snake hair was sculpted and painted to give it at tactile texture. View all


Wednesday 10 July 2019
Marriott Mural 2017, Artists: Raoul and Davide Perré known as "How and Nosm", American Artists, Marriott Sacramento Downtown at Capital Park, 1121 15th Street, Sacramento, California

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While walking along 15th Street in Sacramento, California, the mural slowly came into view. It lay in the distance, obscured by winter-bare tree limbs. The Earth was pierced by arrows. A large hand carried it. The arm wore a double button shirt and a watch. A lock hung from the bottom edge of the figure. The artists signed the mural in its bottom right-hand corner. It was signed "© HownNosm 2017." Off to the right, an American flag was blown over itself. The middle of the mural showed a city constructed on top of the lower figure's arm. An angry keyhole was above the town. Above that a hand held the foot of an even higher figure. View all


Tuesday 9 July 2019
Small Rabbit, July 2019, Animalblog by Terry Costales

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My son spotted this very small rabbit in our backyard at dusk one evening. Still light enough to get a quick shot. View all


Tuesday 9 July 2019
The Seer Mural 2018, Artists: Rachel Wolf-Goldsmith and Natty Rebel, Sponsored By: BAMP (Bay Area Mural Project), 1255 7th Street, Oakland, California

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The six eyed seer stared out at the street. Two birds bracketed the seer. A razor edged pyramid formed a dramatic backdrop to the seer. The mural was signed with: @RachelWolfPaints @the_b_a_m_p @7thwestoakland "The Seer" by: Rachel Wolf-Goldsmith & Natty Rebel 2018 BAMP! The left end of the mural depicted a six eyed seer flanked by two birds and two newly sprouted plants. A pair of eyes suggests a face hidden behind sparkling clouds. That face stared out at all passersby on the sidewalk. This mural would win any staring contest. View all


Monday 8 July 2019
Once Upon A Time In The Mission Mural 2017, Artists: Precita Eyes Murals, As A Collaboration Form Of Art, On Shotwell Near 24th Street, San Francisco, California

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The lower part of the "M" contained the image of a 14 Mission Bus. Above the bus a home was on fire and a part of a burning sign read, "Eviction." The left end of the mural contained the word, "Mission." Unlike "District" the word "Mission" looked festive and fun. From a distance the mural appeared to be composed of two large words, "Mission," and "District." The mural covered the lower half of an apartment building. This mural was located on Shotwell Street near to 24th Street. View all


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