Wednesday 26 June 2019
California Health4ALL Campaign Mural, 1414 K Street, Sacramento, California

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The mural for the California Health4ALL Campaign was composed of four distinct drawings on the side of a brick building that bordered a parking lot. This shot was taken from an elevated parking structure. A closer view of the soccer ball (outside the US a football) patterned object. A closer view of the radish with the word, "Health4all," on it. Notice how the radish was shaded and highlighted to make it appear 3-dimensional. A closer view of the "Health Happens Here" fruit. To the right of those words was the image of a street sign marking an intersection. Notice that the pointed bottom end of the fruit rested on the asphalt of the parking lot. View all


Tuesday 25 June 2019
Mural 47, Artists: Dragon School 99, Jack London Square, Oakland, California

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A face of a person with fancy wings was painted on the fence. Just below the face was a discarded pallet. In one hand was held a lotus blossom. The mural shown in context with the other murals that covered a temporary construction fence. It was the only one facing a sidewalk, making it easier to study then the others which face a street. The mural was just visible from the intersection. Halfway down the block the mural blocked the sidewalk on a temporary construction fence. The lotus blossom was held in a left hand. The flower had pink petals and was surrounded by a cloud of arched shapes. View all


Monday 24 June 2019
Murals In Improv Alley, Artists: Some Unknown, Some Known, Sacramento, California

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A super farmer flew up in front of a waterfall and inside the letter U. He clutched a bunch of carrots. A floral design was drawn on a cinder-block wall and doorway. A line of protesters carried a California flag, and signs. One sign read, "Imagine." Another sign read, "Schools Not Prisons." A woman played a harp behind a dumpster with the word, "Justice," on it. A series of murals shared a hole-in-wall theme. They were painted on a wall on the opposite side of the alley. Some were clear, while others were painted behind decorated dumpsters. View all


Sunday 23 June 2019
Gun Buy-Back Program, Gun As A Deconstruction Thing, 2019 How Weird Street Faire, Howard Street and 2nd Street, San Francisco, California

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The table was littered with pieces of hand guns and rifles. It was not evident if there were enough pieces to assemble a single working gun. But the risk seemed far too low to cause worry. This pile of litter served as the example of a gun buy-back program. The sign for the gun buy-back program was leaned against a table at the 2019 How Weird Street Faire. The sign read: Gun Buy-Back Help end the pollution and be the solution to gun violence No Questions Asked! Sat Dec 14 -2019- 8am-1pm United Playaz 1038 Howard St. San Francisco Handguns = $100 Assault Weapons = $200 View all


Saturday 22 June 2019
Saucy Asian Advertising Mural, 17th Street and Sanchez Street, San Francisco, California

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A face was composed of two eyes and a mouth that were painted on a yellow bowl shape. The form of the tongue and mouth made it appear as if the face were shouting or yelling. A small mural on a black wall advertised the Saucy Asian restaurant. A steamy hot, shouting bowl floated over the words, "Saucy Asian." Small wires intruded on each side. View all


Friday 21 June 2019
Thank You Mission District Mural, Artist: Richardo Richey (@Apexer), Guerrero At 18th Street, San Francisco, California

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A closer view of the spikes at the edge of the Thank You Mission District Mural. Again notice how the larger spikes were also of different lengths, colors and patterns. The title of the mural was painted on the wall to the right of the mural. It read, "—Thank You Mission District—." A few of the spikes, at the right of the Thank You Mission District Mural, were gray. Two of them looped back to form seriously curved pointed ends. The Thank You Mission District Mural as viewed by someone standing on the sidewalk next to it. Notice that a chip was removed from the bottom left of the mural. Perhaps that chip was never painted. View all


Thursday 20 June 2019
Sleeping Tiger Mural 2016, Artist: Noségo, A Philadelphia Based American Artist, Wide Open Walls, 1278 L Street, Sacramento, California

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A sign, on the wall near the sidewalk, described the mural. It was a part of "Wide Open Walls," by artist "Noségo" annotated by @wideopenwalls916" and "@nosego." A candle was painted near to the Sleeping Tiger. It was lit, and provided a soft glow while the tiger slept. A closer shot of the waterfall. It continually added water to the river below. A closer shot of the fabric the Sleeping Tiger had pulled around itself. A soft floral design, over the texture of the wall upon which it was painted. Blue pearls floated around the sleeping tiger's neck. The sleeping tiger had pulled the patterned fabric off the wall and around itself to stay warm. View all


Wednesday 19 June 2019
Sacramento Mural On Construction Fence, Artist: Unknown, Sacramento, California

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An overall view of the mural. One sign we missed was the, "River city," label for a shoe. The blue tail of the blue squirrel was labeled, "Easy Livin'." Below the sign was a flower. Above the Tower Bridge were the bear and star from the California Flag. They were labeled, "Capital City," because Sacramento is the capital of California. A blue palm tree was labeled, "hot hot heat." To the right of the tree was either a cold mug of beer, or an iced mug of root beer. With that much foam, it could also be an iced mug of root beer float. View all


Tuesday 18 June 2019
Oakland Bird Electric Scooter, As Semi-Human Powered Transport

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One of many Bird brand scooters was parked on a sidewalk and reclined against a parking meter. The brand, "Bird," was clearly emblazoned on its side. Two Bird brand scooters were laid on the sidewalk to expose their LED lights which indicated their state of charge. One of the main complaints against dockless scooters was that they are often abandoned in positions that make them tripping hazards. View all


Monday 17 June 2019
Marriott Entrance Mural 2018, Artist: Anthony Padilla, An American Artist, Residence Inn by Marriott, Sacramento, California

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The bee nearest a parked car was huge. An actual bee that size would scare the heck out of folks. California poppies lined the left end of the entrance to the Sacramento, California Residence Inn by Marriott. Bees hovered over the poppies and ominous clouds rose over distant brown hills. Hexagonal shapes formed a dome over the clouds. This view resembled life inside a sports ball. A view of the mural from above. This shot was taken from a parking structure that overlooked the Residence Inn by Marriott entrance. The artist's signature was in the upper right of the mural. It read, "Kinetik Ideas." View all


Sunday 16 June 2019
Former Bert's Shoes Mural 1973, Artists: Frank Carson and Mitchell Aronson, 726 K Street, Sacramento, California

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A detail shot of the inside left corner of the building's entrance. The psychedelic designs matched in places and didn't match in other places. The ceiling of the entrance was painted in psychedelic designs. In the center an opening to the sky was painted. That sky did not match reality which was gray clouds and rain that day. The artist's signature was in the lower right of the mural near to K Street. A psychedelic mural was painted over the entrance to what was originally Tower Records. The store changed ownership after Tower Records closed, and was last Bert's Shoe. The building was empty when this photo essay was created. View all


Saturday 15 June 2019
Sharing Flowers Mural 2014, Artist: Clare Rojas, Side of Warfield Building, 982 Market Street, San Francisco, California

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This was the best view of the entire mural. The bottom left was cut off by a constriction crane parked on the ground. The bottom left was nibbled away by the corner of a foreground building. Sharing Flowers was a tall mural on the side of the Warfield Theater building. It was painted on the west side of the building and was best viewed from Market Street looking east. Two people stood facing each other. One was dressed in white with vertical red stripes. The other was dressed in brown with a darker brown belt. They appeared to exchange flowers. A more distant shot of the mural. Green trees, that lined the street, covered the bottom part of the mural. View all


Friday 14 June 2019
Tattoos At The 2019 (20th Annual) How Weird Street Faire, San Francisco, California

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A blue haired man wearing neon yellow sunglasses walked shirtless around the How Weird Street Faire. His back was tattooed in the image of either eight spider legs, or six insect legs and one pair of pincers. Notice how his blue hair was accented by the aqua parasol in the distance and the aqua hula hoop to his right. View all


Thursday 13 June 2019
Bears On Bikes Mural, Artist: Lara Buelow, Church and 17th Streets, San Francisco, California

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The leading of the three bears was about to ride past a palm tree. This bear stared straight ahead, never taking his eyes off the road to victory. The leading Bear rode his bicycle well ahead of the other two bears. Notice how abstract the bicycle was. It lacks front and rear forks to hold the tires in place. And the tires lack spokes to hold them centered around a pivot. The bikes were overly simplified to draw attention to the bears and the background. Two bears appeared to race across the desert past cacti, palm trees, and pyramids. From this angle it also looked as if the bears raced away from a "Closed," sign. View all


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