Saturday 26 September 2020
"New Again" Mural 1991, Artist: Families First Children, With Help From: Davis Artists, Davis, California

The mural was composed of ceramic art pieces attached to a blue wall behind two shade trees. It appeared to be made by children with the help of adults. A dog stared (evidently hypnotized) at the pale blue socks worn inside serious hiking boots. Below the boots was a house which had the words "I A In," that perhaps meant, "I'm An Inn." A young woman wore a yellow shirt and waved at the people looking at the mural. Her shirt contained artistic patches. Above her left shoulder was a heart and a sun. Children created ceramic pieces of art that were attached to the wall. Among those objects were, a sun, a house, a fence, an airplane, a car, a tree, a teepee, and a mulit-story building.
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Friday 25 September 2020
Mohawk Hairstyle, Hair, As A Form Of Apparel, How Weird Street Faire, San Francisco

His dramatic hair flared green and was so high it exceeded the height of the photo frame.
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Thursday 24 September 2020
Plant Artificial Canines, As Found Animals, Cascade Head Hike, Oregon

Moss covered a branch in the elbow of a tree. The effect resembled a poodle about to bark.
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Wednesday 23 September 2020
History, Of The Merry-Go-Round, In Tilden Regional Park, California

The history of the Tilden Regional Park Merry-Go-Round was printed on a sign that hung inside the enclosure. The Merry-Go-Round began its history in 1911 and was built by Herschell Spillman Company. It spent most of its life in southern California, and ended up in Tilden Regional Park in northern California.
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Tuesday 22 September 2020
Hagrid, The Dog, A Canine Land Animal, Main Street, San Francisco, California

A dog named Hagrid visited a condo on Main Street in San Francisco. He lounged on a dog pad set on a raised lamp platform, and next to a tropical plant. The Southbeach neighborhood and the San Francisco end of the Bay Bridge were visible through the window.
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Monday 21 September 2020
Birthday, In 2019, A Year In The Life Of, A Human Being Named Westley, Eugene, Oregon

Westley's dad wore a "Daddy Shark" shirt and glanced at his phone to check a photo he just took of his son. After the party, Westley was energized by cake and ice cream. He took his bike for a ride around the wide end of the cul-de-sac. Ice cream was served as an accompaniment to each slice of birthday cake. The flavor of ice cream was mint chocolate chip. As he rode his bike, he rode further with each loop around the cul-de-sac. His bike ride became the fitting end to his 2019 Birthday. All that was left, after Westley blew out his candle, was a small puff of white smoke. Surrounded by torn paper, present bags, cups, and sunflowers, Westley tore open another present.
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Sunday 20 September 2020
Corona Heights Neighborhood, San Francisco, California, As Seen From Tank Hill, San Francisco, California

Corona Heights is a hill and a park. Viewed from Tank Hill, the San Francisco skyline is visible just beyond the Corona Heights hill. In the foreground, houses rise near the foot of the hill. Those houses are in the Corona Heights neighborhood.
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Saturday 19 September 2020
Golden Abelia (Abelioa grandiflora), As Found Flowering Plants, Backyard Garden, Eugene, Oregon

This Golden Abelia plant was young and just spreading its branches to become a full fledged bush in later years. It is an evergreen bush whose leaves turn golden in the winter. The Golden Abelia plant has small leaves that gently taper to a point. The leaves are only 1/2 inch (1.25cm) long and grow off a pale rose colored branch. The flowers of the Golden Abelia plant are small and white. They are shaped like tiny bells and grow in clusters at the end of a branch.
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Friday 18 September 2020
Pumpkin Flowers, As Found Flowering Plants, Backyard Garden, Eugene, Oregon

A pumpkin plant had a large yellow flower that began as a green bud. The bud was spiked which discourages animals from eating it. Pumpkins have a large yellow flower with wrinkled petals. Presence of these flowers suggest the presence of a pumpkin in the fall. A pumpkin's flower shown in context with the large leafs of the pumpkin plant. These particular leafs were discolored by soot and ash from the nearby Holiday Farm Fire.
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Wednesday 16 September 2020
Pier 45, San Francisco, California, As Viewed From A Nature Cruise

A view of the bayside end of Pier 45 as viewed from a Nature Cruise just heading out for an afternoon nature tour of San Francisco Bay. The end of the pier forms an angle because the pier is attached to the shore at the same angle (thus forming a parallelogram).
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Tuesday 15 September 2020
Jack, Pets Of Domestic Cats, As A Feline Animal, Pleasanton, California

A cat lay in repose atop an unkempt bed. A cat named Butch waited in the cold to be noticed. A cat softly focused on the camera. A cat named Butch sat outside in the cold and noticed a warmer cat inside in the warmth. This was Jack's first day at home. Here he was still in his box that transported him from the humane society. A cat played possum on the sidewalk A cat lay on the floor near an actual rocking chair. The cat's position suggested the risk of being rocked on. A cat rested on a bed at Diane's House in Novato, California. Patty Lance Wednesday 28 October 2009 Patches should have his own website. Great photo! A cat sat on same roof which was earlier occupied by monkeys.
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Monday 14 September 2020
Welcome Center, At Honeyman State Park, Lane County, Oregon, As A Campsite Place

Westley stood at the entrance to the Welcome Center for Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park. The Welcome Center was housed inside a yurt. The door was blocked open, which exposed the "Closed" face of the Open/Closed sign. A wheelbarrow was filled with firewood for delivery to new arrivals at each designated camping spot.
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Sunday 13 September 2020
2016, David Graves, Chef, World Traveler, and Photographer, Bay Point, California

David stood alone in his kitchen on another sunny June morning in Bay Point California. While sipping his coffee, he practiced social distancing, four years before it would become mandatory.
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Saturday 12 September 2020
Campfire, As Mythological Combustion, By Dorena Reservoir, Lane County, Oregon

The top layer of logs were only partly burned. Viewed end on, the flames rose through the gap between them. The campfire provided a handy place to warm one's chilled hands mid morning at camp. A pile of logs burned down in the fire pit at the campsite that night while music was played on a harmonics and ill-tuned voices sang songs of old. A tower of logs stacked in a fire pit at Caswell campsite, had been lit earlier and were now a roaring campfire. In a clearing behind all the tables, a roaring fire was present as well as sharpened sticks and a cabinet filled with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate squares.
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