Monday 17 January 2022
2021 Lobbies, Show Christmas Decor, Eugene, Oregon

"The 5th Street Public Market Alley" was an outdoor lobby that was decorated for Christmas. A yellow pickup truck was parked in front of the lobby held a Christmas tree in its bed. Illuminated snowflakes hung from the ceiling of the lobby.
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Sunday 16 January 2022
2022 Bare Trees, As A Form Of Plant, Eugene, Oregon

Our neighbor's bare tree appeared to reach for the sky. Another winter bare tree in our neighbor's yard had many hanging branches and broken limbs. Without leaves, it appeared wild and totally out of control. The weeping cherry tree in the front yard with its nest of bare branches. One of our bare trees in the front yard is already showing buds. So it was technically not bare.
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Saturday 15 January 2022
2022 White Hellebore, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The first white flowers, on our front yard hellebore, where just beginning to bud. Autumn leaves still gathered around the hellebore, but would soon decompose into compost.
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Friday 14 January 2022
2022 Red Hellebore, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The first bud began to show on our red hellebore in the front yard below our weeping cherry tree.
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Thursday 13 January 2022
Dieter's Birthday, In 2022, A Lad Who Lives And Works In Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Dieter having blown out the candles is pleased that his wish will come true. Denver carried in her brother's cake loaded with candles. Dieter prepared to blow out the candles. Dieter sat under decorations and waited for someone to bring in dishes and forks, so that he could serve cake. Denver scooped ice cream out from the container of chocolate mint. The other container held vanilla ice cream. Oliver was served a thin slice of cake alongside a scoop of mint chocolate ice cream. The first slice was made to the heart shaped cake.
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Wednesday 12 January 2022
Strawberry Hood, As A Garden Device, Eugene, Oregon

A plastic sheet was curved over metal supports with the ends open to help protect the strawberry plants from the cold of winter and snow.
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Tuesday 11 January 2022
Old Yard Fence, As Home Decor, Eugene, Oregon

The old fence partly leaned back away from the yard, as if frightened of some plant. Part of the old fence was missing the lattice work that still existed atop most of the fence. One section of the fence still retained latticework. The latticework almost appeared to be newer then the fence below it. One part of the fence was not only missing the latticework, but was also missing the capping 2x4 board.
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Monday 10 January 2022
Railroad Mural, Mural Viewed From Railroad, Back of Building, Eugene, Oregon

The signature on the first mural of the three was by the artist: "K Caprario 2019." A flower grew in the center of a circus-looking sunrise or sunset. The last of the three murals depicted a volcanic looking land with a swirling lake behind the land. Mountains rose in the distance. The center of the three murals was signed by, "#Shermanmurals S. Sherman 2019." This mural resembled psychedelic designs of the 1960's. A closer view of the extreme right of the center mural appeared to show water seeping into the volcanic ground. The center of the three murals depicted a dramatic sunset with the moon rising off to the the right.
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Sunday 9 January 2022
2022 Inwood Reblooming Daylily, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

Our Inwood Reblooming Daylily plants before being cleaned up to reveal there start of new green leaves. Our Inwood Reblooming Daylily plants after being covered with five inches of snow and the pounded by three days of heavy rain. Their great pointed leaves had turned white and flopped over dead.
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Saturday 8 January 2022
Growers Market Mural 1976, Artist: Kate Thompson, An American Artist, 454 Willamette Street, Eugene, Oregon

Below the mural was a hand painted sign that identified the "Growers Market." The sign included carrots and bananas, a loaf of bread, a chunk of cheese, and a cat. In the center of the mural, a woman worked as a waitress and held a menu. Behind the woman, a girl swung from a tree. A man loaded fruit into a bag. A woman typed on a typewriter. And a railroad engine rumbled past a clock tower. The mural was painted on the front wall over the porch of the Growers Market. It featured many folks occupied with a variety of jobs. At the left end of the mural, a man holding a wrench leaned on a window. A tractor/trailer truck was parked behind the man. And a woman ran a printing press.
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Friday 7 January 2022
Morning Glory Café, As An Advertising Mural, 450 Willamette Street, Eugene, Oregon

Blue morning glories decorated the lower front of the Morning Glory Café. Heart shaped leaves floated under the flowers. The front wall of the Morning Glory Café was painted in a mountain theme. The top featured a blue jay flying with a banner in its beak. The banner read, "Morning Glory Café." A closer view of that side, partly obscured by a covered outdoor eating area, and a tree trunk. The rear part of the banner, pulled by a flying blue jay, floated over stylized trees and mountain peaks. The side of the Morning Glory Café was painted to resemble a log cabin. That side also provided bicycle parking.
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Thursday 6 January 2022
Paws Pet Supplies, Door Mural, In The Guise Of Art, In Alley At 5th, Eugene, Oregon

The upper right corner of the wall was covered in many more of the same shapes. Notice the stylized paw prints. The shop's sign was set on the floor just outside the door. It read, "PAWS Pet Shop, Now Open, Free treats for pups inside!" A closer view of a few of the white painted shapes on the wall next to the door into Paws Pet Supplies. One could almost see the brush strokes used to create the toys. The item in the middle right was either a dog collar, or a plastic cap used to seal a can of dog food. The Paws Pet Shop was located next to Bando's Clothing Store in the Alley At 5th. Instead of flowers, the Paws wall was covered in pet toys.
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Wednesday 5 January 2022
Bando's Clothing Store, Door Mural, In The Guise Of Art, In Alley At 5th, Eugene, Oregon

Fir boughs were hung around the door for Christmas. This section of wall was decorated with flowers and pine cones. Another sign hung above the door. That sign read: "BANDO'S Clothing & Goods." The sign was surrounded by painted flower, leaves, and other plant stuff. The doorway that led into the Bando's Clothing Store was next to Paws and was surrounded by painted flowers. More flowers, berries, and pine cones decorated that same wall surrounding the door. The sign just outside the door read: BANDO'S Clothing & Goods Now Open Mon-Sat 10-8 Sundays 11-7 [flowers]
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Tuesday 4 January 2022
Bare Tree, As a Form Of Plant, Eugene, Oregon

A bare tree appeared to reach for the sky on a cloudy day in Eugene, Oregon. Just a whisper of blue surrounded its lower branches.
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