Monday 21 October 2019
Oliver's Camping Trip, Baker Bay Campground, 35635 Shoreview Drive, Dorena, Oregon

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Oliver and his brother Westley sat together at the small card table used as a camp table. They ate beans, but appeared to lack enthusiasm for that humble meal. Oliver sat in a camp chair, near the smoke from a camp fire, and watched his mother fly a car toward his face. View all


Sunday 20 October 2019
Oliver's First Birthday, Oliver In 2019, Oliver "Duck" Williams, People Whose Names Begin With The Letter O

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Oliver realized the cake was food and began to eat it. Oliver's mother arrived and helped him take his first bite of birthday cake. The 1 candle had been removed, and other kids sat around the blanket and waited for Oliver to begin to eat. The remains of the cake laid on the blanket. The cake was the aftermath of an attack by a one year old child. Oliver's face, bib, and hands became a mess as he continued to eat his birthday cake. He ate it one small handful at a time. Oliver, pleased with himself, posed for the camera. View all


Friday 18 October 2019
D, A Letter As Art Found In Nature

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The front door to a new tent bore a distinct resemblance to the capital letter D. It only appeared to be a D when zipped closed, otherwise it resembled a wilted leaf. View all